Moanikeala Hula Festival 

The annual Moanikeala Hula Festival seeks to preserve, perpetuate, educate and celebrate all forms of hula, while sharing the traditional storytelling and culture with the people of Hawai'i as well as visitors from across the globe.
The week-long festivities include daily hula, ukulele, and Ni'ihau shell lei workshops in addition to the festival the final day, which gathers performers of all ages, some as young as two-years-old to take the stage and showcase the grace, beauty and history of hula.

Care home performances

Halau Kiuwailehua is very active in the community and strongly believes in giving back to those that came before us; our Kupuna! Our haumana put on performances at different care homes yearly and look forward to sharing our love.

Mokihana Festival

Halau Kiuwailehua participates in The Mokihana Festival  on the island of Kaua'i yearly. Since 2016, our halau 'ohana has made countless of memories on the garden isle and always look forward to visiting some of our favorite places including; Nohili, Keahualaka and Lumaha'i

Ho'okupu Aloha

          Halau Kiuwailehua performs annually at Kualoa Ranch, in support of "Kuhai halau 'o Kahealani pa 'olapa kahiko" under the direction of Kumu Hula Mary Kahealani Kupau.  This annual halau fundraiser occurs every May.

Hula Oni' E

Halau Kiuwailehua participates annually in The Hula Oni E Festival held at The Hilton Hawaiian Village. The competition brings the sense of excellence and growth to our haumana and it's a skill that we strive to instill in all who walk through the doors of Kiuwailehua.


“...He will keep His promise, and will listen to the voices of His Hawaiian children lamenting for their homes. It is for them that I would give the last drop of my blood; it is for them that I would spend, nay, am spending, everything belonging to me.”-Queen Lili‘uokalani

Each haumana is required to participate in halau huaka'i annually.
"To dance about our people, we must learn about our people. To bring the aina to life in a mele, we must help to take care of it. To smell the love of hula, we must learn to create it. To feel our mele, we must ponder on it."
- Kumu Sonny Preston

It is always beautiful when one allows us to share our love of hula with the world. It is a gift that God has blessed us with- and that is what we love to do.


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